Purohit Darpan in Bengali Pdf – Download Now

What is Purohit Darpan

Purohit Darpan is a useful resource for all priests and devotees, as well as anybody practising Hindu rituals. Pandit Krishna Chandra Smrititirtha and Pandit Shivchanara Sidhanta Ratna updated and revised this book. The book is available online for download in PDF format.

In other words, Purohit Darpan is also known as a Hindu religious book that deals with the knowledge of various puja and rituals. It is written in the form of dialogues and steps. The book contains complete details about various tantric rituals, meditation techniques and mantras used to achieve spiritual liberation, day to day puja rituals.

Advantages of Purohit Darpan Bengali Pdf

Purohit Darpan in Bengali PDF format is available online. The Purohit Darpan book in Bengali can also be purchased from Amazon India or Flipkart India. It has many advantages.

  1. The book is handy for all types of Puja and Puja Procedures
  2. Purohit Darpan (পুরোহিত দর্পণ pdf) contains important steps to perform a puja
  3. Purohit Darpan book in Bengali contains Puja procedures which are well written in Bengali.
  4. Every step for Puja is provided in Purohit Darpan Book for easy understanding

Purohit Darpan in Bengali Pdf

How to download the  Purohit Darpan in Bengali

If you want to get a copy of the Purohit Darpan book in Bengali, then you can get that downloaded as PDF Version. In order to download the Purohit Darpan, you have to click on the link mentioned below.


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