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Experience Satisfaction with Bengali Purohit in Bangalore – Sanjay Bhattacharya.

Countless individuals have found solace and contentment in the services provided by me, as a renowned Bengali Purohit. To witness the testimonials of those who have benefited from his expertise, I invite you to read the reviews below. I also encourage visitors to share their own experiences and submit their valuable reviews to help others seeking spiritual guidance and meaningful rituals.

Abir Banerjee


I was looking for a bengali purohit for my son’s upanayan. We got the contact number of Sanjay Bhattacharya. He is very professional and well organized. He only arranged every thing for the ceremony. So the ceremony went very well with out an hassle with reasonable rate. Highly recommend.

Billawdeep Deb


Sanjayda managed many religious ceremonies for me and we as a family have been benefiting from his services for many years. I would close my eyes and recommend him as a priest for any of your religious needs.

Sudip Gupta


Sanjay Moshai is the very best. He has taken out the stress of any kind of pujo in today’s day and time. But, it is not by cutting corners. He is just extremely well organised and coordinated. He always has a smile in his face and he makes you feel like your own family. More pujas on your way Sanjay Moshai.

Sanjay Debnath


Purohit Sanjay Da is well mannered priest who does puja with great devotion. Very happy with puja.

Suzalina Palchoudhury


Sanjay da is a very well organised thakur moshai , ideal for us probashi Bengalis in Bangalore ..he follows easy process & executes pujo in a very simple and step wise manner . Highly recommended.

Sutapa Gupta


Really we are very much satisfied with your pujo nd chanting mantras ,stay happy and healthy always ❤️

Abhijit Ray Chaudhury


Sanjayda does regular puja in our apartment . He does puja with utmost dedication. He is also easily approchable person. I would recomend him to others as a good priest .